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What type of music do you play?

Our music library is extensive, including songs from all genres, from the 50’s to today’s top hits. We play music that makes people want to dance and have fun! What sets Avida Entertainment apart from other is that we take time to understand our client’s and needs and preferences. This ensure all guests have a fun memorable night that they will not want to end!

Do you take requests?

Yes. This is your event, and by all means you are able to request songs. Once the contract is signed, you will receive access to the client area of our website. Here, you and your guests can request songs all the way up to the date of the event. These songs are used, with professional judgement, during the course of the event.

When does the contracted time start?

Whenever you need music to start, we will be ready to play. Typically, we arrive 60-90 minutes prior to the start time agreed by both parties in the contract. We double check and triple check that everything will be ready to go when you need it.

Do you charge over time?

No. I will play until you (or the facility) tells me to stop. Simple as that.

Are you insured?

Absolutely!  This should be one of the first 5 questions you ask any vendor who will be providing services at your wedding.

Is it customary to tip my DJ?

This is 100% up to each individual client. A tip should never be expected or asked for.

Is there a minimum amount of time that you’ll play?

For most events it’s a 3-hour minimum, but we are flexible to meet your needs.

We want to show a slide show during our event. Can you help?

Yes, we have professional audio visual equipment available to rent for the presentation.

Can you provide references?

Of course. When we complete the contract, I ask all clients if they would be willing to speak with prospective clients about their experience with Avida Entertainment. If you want to connect with a previous client just let me know.

What do you wear?

When we say professional service, we mean it. Attire for the DJ will be formal, unless the client requests otherwise.

Why should I hire a DJ when I can just use my iPod and rent a sound system?

Sure, you could ask your brother or cousin to DJ your event, but first ask yourself, How do I want my guests to remember my event? Almost always, the response is, I want my guests to have fun! You are investing a considerable amount of resources (time, energy, money) planning your event, and the last thing you would want is for it to not run smoothly and successfully. Avida entertainment is a professional service that is committed to making sure your event is a total success and your guests have fun!

How many people does the DJ bring with him?

It is assumed that your event is by invitation only  and we very much respect that. One DJ will be at the event.

Is there a fee for travel or setup/take-down time?

We do not charge a travel fee unless the event location is more than one hour from our address (using Google  Maps).  Setup and take-down time are included in our services.

When do we meet with you to discuss the event?

We take pride on our service, especially how accessible we are to our clients. We have 60/30/3 policy that we take seriously. We meet with the clients 60 days, 30 days, and 3 days before the event to make sure nothing is overlooked, and everything runs smoothly.

Should I reserve a space for the DJ at a table for dinner?

No, it is not required. We are at your event to work, not to sit and take breaks. If a seat and meal is provided, great, but it is by no means expected or required.

When should we pay our DJ?

A 50% deposit is sent in along with one copy of the contract signed by you to lock in your date.  This applies to your contracted amount. The remaining balance can be paid anytime up until the of the reception.

Can we pay with a credit card?

Yes, we have the ability to accept credit cards.

Do we get a receipt?

Your copy of the contract acts as your receipt. If you need a special receipt sent to you, be sure to let me know the night of the reception and I’ll send it out within a few days of the event.  If it’s for a corporate event and you need an invoice submitted ahead of time, let us know and we’re happy to do so.

Are your prices firm?

We are open to discuss and work with any budget, big or small. The closing of the contract finalizes the price.

How can I request a quote? How soon can I expect a response?

We have a 24 hour response policy, so you can expect a response within 24 hours. You can contact us several ways:

– Call us anytime 613 796 8050. Please leave a message if we are unable to take your call.

– Send us an email! info@avidaentertainment.ca

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