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Salut A Vida!

This is our story

Professionals committed to having fun!

Avida Entertainment is dedicated to making your event a total success. Big or small, we look to cater to the unique needs of your event. We take pride in our professional service, which sets us apart from the others.

Avida (a vida), translated from Portuguese means “to life” which inspires us to take a step back and enjoy the good times of life. Your event should be a unique, fun celebration and we look forward to working with you to ensure it is a total success.


Tell us more!

Tell us about your event, spare no details. We are all about understanding you, and your event, and helping you exceed your guests expectations. Weddings, Corporate events, Holiday Parties, Milestone Birthdays, you name it, we can help!


Plan, Plan Plan!

We gather all the required details, floor plan, guest count...etc then we work out the logistics for you. Pack our bags, show up early, oh ya, don't forget the backup equipment!


Party on 3!

We are firm believers in the saying ``Failing to plan, is planning to fail``. We've done all our prep work, and it's time to have some fun, something we take very seriously!

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